Wednesday, 22 October 2014

One Year Blogging Anniversary and a Giveaway!

I can hardly believe that next Thursday will be one year for this little blog!  To commemorate, I will be hosting a giveaway which starts today and goes until Wednesday October 29th.

What you can win (your choice of option 1, 2 or 3):

On Live, Love and be Married's anniversary (October 30th), I will announce the winner on the blog, the twitter page, the instagram page, and the facebook page (so make sure you check at least one of those options).  The winner must send me a message to the facebook page with their choice of the earrings they want and their address within 24hours (before November 1st) to claim their prize.

Other housekeeping items:
1.  To be eligible for this giveaway you must live in either Canada or the United States - I apologize if you are an international reader :(
2.  I do not claim to be a professional jewelry maker.  I just do this as a hobby because I like to and wanted this prize to be something handmade by me.  But keep in mind that these earrings are not fine jewelry and they won't be totally perfect (if only I was that good).
3.  You can tweet about the giveaway each day for the week that I am running the giveaway to earn multiple entried.

Close ups of your options:

Good luck everyone!  Thank you so much for checking out this blog of mine.  I so appreciate all the positive comments and connections I have made over the last year and can't wait to make more over the time to come.

Follow the following to get to the giveaway:
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  1. They are all beautiful my girl! I choose option #2. Mom

  2. Your display of the earrings is so beautiful Aubrey! Very creative. Love you. Mom

  3. I don't know what happened to my comment of a couple minutes ago, Aubrey.....choosing an option is hard, but option #1 is my choice. Your work and your displays are so artistic. What an excellent blog. As if it would be anything but, my dear. Love, Aunty

  4. Thanks! Love you both Aunty and Mom.