Monday, 13 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and some housekeeping items

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!  We are still in the field so this was a pretty low key weekend for us - with some amazing food from my lovely mother and mother-in-law.

I've also been using this time to get some much needed book work done such as papers writing, studying for midterms, organizing business papers for taxes and some minor redesign stuff for the blog.  Whew.  I am going to need a weekend from my long weekend!

A lot of tea was getting drank indeed... And what is that on my computer screen??
The blog officially is linked with social media!!  That is the Live, Love and Be Married blog's facebook page you can see on my computer scree in the picture above.  I have been thinking about doing this for a while now and finally I decided this was the weekend to get things up and running.  I am new to all this (particularly Twitter) so please bear with me as I work to find a balance.  I you look to your right (said in my best flight attendant voice) you will see a "Follow Along" section on the toolbar.  Those links will take you to the various social media sites that Live, Love and Be Married is now on.  I would love for you to follow along!

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