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Becoming Adorrable
Linking up with The Samantha Life today
Weren't you just dying to see another link up?  This one is a fun one and really perfect timing actually because today is my wonderful husband's 25th birthday!!  I find it hard to believe that Brett was 20 when we started dating and now suddenly he is 25.  Where did the time go??  In any case, a post all about him on his birthday is just right.  For the link up, the men are given five interview questions to answer.  Let's get at it!

1.  Is Halloween your favorite holiday?  If not, what is?

"Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  Christmas is definitely my favorite; because you get time off, get to hang out with lots of family and I like the feeling of the season."

2.  What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?

"Haha... Ummm... That's usually something I plan the day of the Halloween party."
Classic man!

Brett and Rob - one of his best buds from Ag school.  I feel like I should note that these are Halloween costumes and not how they actually dress in their day-to-day lives.

3.  What is your go-to drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?

"Great western beer."

4.  What is your favorite scary movie?

"I like The Walking Dead series.  I realize that this is not a horror film.  The Woman in Black is definitely the scariest one I have seen, but I wouldn't say I 'liked' it."

5.  What is your best Halloween memory?

"My favorite Halloween memories are growing up in our small town.  Our goal as kids was to get to every single house in town.  Winning the challenge was awesome, and it was cool to grow up in a town small enough where you could actually get to every house and as an older kid you could go alone with your friends because the town was so safe."

Bonus section!  These didn't come from the link up, but I figured we should have a few non-Halloweenish questions as well, considering it is his birthday.

6.  If money was no object, what would be your ideal way to spend your birthday?

"I think the ideal way to spend my birthday if money were no object would be to drive to California with our good friends/family Steve and Stacey in our corvettes [we don't have corvettes by the way, this is the money is no object part].  When we get there we would hang out, Steve and I would go drive our cars on a race track, and we would all just relax."

7.  When do you feel happiest?

"Probably my favorite days are when we take a slow morning, relaxing in our house.  Also, if I have time to go for a drive or motorcycle ride just for the fun of it."

8.  Farming isn't a job many people would do.  What are three occupations that you would never do?

"I would never be able to be an accountant/lawyer type job (way too tedious and I wouldn't want to sit at a desk all day), or a nurse/doctor (I don't want none of that gross people stuff) [hahahaha], or anything requiring me to stay in a cubicle all day."

9.  What are the top three things you want to do in your next five years?

"I would like to start having a family in the next five years.  I'd like to go on an out-of-country holiday.  And I would like to expand our farm company."

10.  What are some of your favorite birthday memories?

"The birthday when my parents got me a super nintendo... That was awesome.  I like getting cooked my favorite meal on my birthday.  And when you planned a surprise party for me and I actually was surprised and then you made me a tractor cake."

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