Friday, 17 October 2014

Deep Thoughts for a Friday

Today I am interupting my usual Oh Hey Friday for some deeper thoughts.  It seems that if I ever read the Huffington Post (which I often don't find the time to) I end up with a lot of thoughts and the desire to write.  I should read the Huffington Post more - it would probably do great things for my blog content.

It all started with the article called Hello America, It's Me, Colorado by Jen Caltrider.  The author was trying to educate people on the new bill that is being voted on in November in Colorado called Amendment 67.  This bill has the intention of changing the definition of a "person" to include any unborn fetus/baby.  By doing so, it renders abortion - in any instance - illegal, as well as making the use of some forms of birth control (such as the Pill or IUD's) illegal.  Furthermore, cases of miscarriage would be considered "suspicious deaths" and could require a coroner's inquiry.

I truly have no desire to inspire a heated debate about whether or not abortion is right or wrong.  I have my opinions and I know that you have yours.  We both have the right to those opinions and we can leave it at that.

What concerned me most about reading this article was one of the comments left at the bottom which said "How about you keep the men out of your pants, so you don't murder innocent babies".  I found myself surprised that someone would publicly take such a hard-nosed stance in this day and age.

As it happens with the internet, I somehow found myself reading the article The Night Facebook Suggested I 'Might Know' my Rapist by Sarah Marcus.  Yep, that really escalated quickly.  I think that everyone should read this woman's story, because without seeing life through a rape victim's eyes (and empathizing with her), I don't think there is any way for someone to truly understand the breadth or depth of the consequences of Amendment 67.

Throughout the course of my nursing education, I can look at myself and see a change in my own capacity for empathy.  Going into university as an 18 year old with very limited life experience, I admit that I was often quick to judge others if they made life choices that weren't my own.  It does not make me proud to admit this.  My view on life at this time was narrow, immature.  At the end of my nursing education, my opinions and views have overgone quite a change.

Why?  Not because of whether a doctor or scientist believes that a fetus less than 20 weeks matured is not considered viable.  Certainly not because I myself have dealt with a drug problem or an unplanned pregnancy.  Rather, because of something more important nursing school has taught me.  During the past four years, I have worked with patients and peers from all walks of life, with all manner of experiences and diagnoses.  I have learned that there is more to life than just what I have experienced of it.

Who am I to judge what someone else is going through, if I have not gone through it myself?  I guess if I were to give you my true "opinion", it would be that I can only have an opinion for my own situation.

I hope that I didn't rain too much on your Friday parade with my own deep thoughts.  I hope that we can all go into this weekend with a little more love for one another than we had before.

And just as a heads up, there is something special coming on Wednesday to show my love for my wonderful readers - so stay tuned!

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