Saturday, 26 April 2014

Making a House a Home and a Quick Embroidery Pattern

I am back at the farm for a short while before Term 3 of school starts and I have made it my mission to decorate a few spaces.  It is time to take our home from a bachelor pad to looking like a place where an actual female lives.  I got some of the things for our wedding but I managed to pick up a lot of stuff at a local store that carries some beautiful home accessories.

Our microwave doesn't have a timer on it so I picked up this cute Matryoshka Doll kitchen timer.  The succulent plant was a house warming gift from a friend - surprisingly, I have managed to keep it alive for over a year now!

I love owls, they are probably one of my favorite animals (other than cats of course).  When I saw this guy I knew I had to have him.  He is supposed to be for the garden but I though he looked nice on one of our end tables paired with some soy candles and another succulent.

I picked up this shelf for our bathroom a couple of weeks ago and Brett just got around to hanging it up a few days ago (house stuff goes to the very bottom of the list for a farmer in April!). 

I added yet another succulent and some candles to the top as well as a framed embroidered owl that I quickly whipped up with some scraps from around the house (I am noticing there is a bit of an owl/succulent/votive candle theme to my decorating).

Isn't the owl cute?  I wanted to do his body blue (as you will see in the pattern below) but didn't have any blue embroidery thread so I made do with purple.  He still turned out pretty good though I'd say.

Here is the pattern I drew up:

I would say the easiest way to transpose this would be print off this black and white copy then put your fabric over the paper and trace it.

To frame I simply folded the fabric around a piece of cardboard to fit into my frame and taped the fabric down.  This little owl would be really cute on something like tea towels too (I may have to try that myself sometime).

Hope your weekend is lovely!


  1. Beautiful job, Aubrey. There is no end to what you can do, my dear.