Saturday, 8 March 2014

Becoming Brett's Girlfriend

This is now Part III of the "Our Love Story" series that I am doing on this blog.  I love reading about how people fell in love and the continuation of their love stories - it is something that I find to be truly inspiring.  If you are just tuning in, you can find the first two parts here.  If you have already read those two parts, I am so happy you are back!

About two or three weeks into Brett and I dating he wanted to meet up with me before class "to talk".  I tried to quiet my panic as I wondered what this could be about.  I was worried that he would want to stop seeing me, maybe the feelings I had for him weren't shared?  We met outside the next day, under a big tree near my building.  It was still beautiful out - being only mid-September.  In my classic style I started to get super nervous.  Brett started asking if everything was okay.  I said "yes, I guess so..." then blurted out "I just feel like maybe you don't want to see me anymore."  He gave me a bit of a shocked look and said "No, I was thinking maybe I could start calling you my girlfriend?"

I can't even explain how happy my heart was on that day.  It was one of the first of many steps that led us to where we are today.  Every time I walk past that tree I smile to myself.  I hope that someday we can come back to campus and reminisce about that meeting under the tree.

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