Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Search for the Perfect Bag

My perpetual shopping dilema is finding the perfect bag.  I think this stems from two major problems:

      1.  General lack of funds (isn't the student life great)
      2.  Pickiness

Budgetary restriction is something that I am really hoping will be fixed upon my graduation from nursing school.  The other day Brett asked me what I would treat myself to once I graduated.  My first response was new flooring (our house is basically all carpet and I am dying to rip it all out and replace it with laminate or hardwood).  But Brett said, "No, this is something that is just for you.  So flooring doesn't count."  When he graduated, he got himself our current car - one that he had been dreaming about for years.  I don't think that my grad nurse salary will quite cover a new Jeep Grand Cherokee (sigh), so I decided that the purse of my dreams would be my gradutation treat.  But I must find the perfect one - so I decided I had better start my research early.  This is more my kind of research (vs. all the research for my term papers).

My general pickiness is the next problem to deal with.  I generally like large bags, and they have to be super organized inside (ie lots of pockets).  But I also would like a really nice statement bag in a bright color.  I always get sucked into the neutrals for purses, because they are so versatile.  But for this one, I would really like something more unique.  Below are my top 5 favorite bags so far.  It will be interesting to look back on this in a year and a half and see how much my tastes and the styles have changed!

1.  Danier "Diana" - style #137010068 in bordeaux (you can find this here)
2.  Matt and Nat "Epea" in ivy (you can find this here)
3.  Tiffany "Reversible Tote" in tiffany blue (you can find this here)
4.  Louis Vuitton "Retiro Pm" in monogram canvas (you can find this here)
5.  Danier "Lori" - style #131011313 in red (you can find this here)

I probably will end up with a bag from Danier.  Not only do I love how functional and organized their bags are, I am also quite cheap.  Much as I love to dream that I will some day have a Louis Vuitton bag, the chances of me being able to justify spending $1500 on one are pretty slim - unfortunately.

Which is your favorite??

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