Saturday, 21 December 2013

DIY Crocheted Mittens

As promised, here is a pattern that uses the back post and front post double crochet stitches!  I usually wear a size large mitten, but these fit pretty tight on my hands so this pattern would be congruent with a normal size medium.  I suggest measuring this pattern on your hand as you go, just to make sure that it is fitting properly (and add or decrease stitches as needed).  I love how these mitts turned out - they are pretty and super warm.  Here is the pattern!

What you will need:
2 balls of worsted weight yarn (320 yds total) - I used Bernat satin
5mm (U.S. 8) crochet hook
1/4 yd minky fabric (to coordinate with yarn)
Thread to match fabric
Sewing machine or hand sewing needles

Ch = chain
Sl St = slip stitch
Sc = single crochet
Dc = double crochet
FPDC = front post double crochet
BPDC = back post double crochet
*For instructions on the FPDC and BPDC go here.

1.  Make the cuff.
a. Ch 21
b. Sc in each chain
c. Sc in back loop of each Sc
d. Sc (normal) in each Sc
e. Repeat steps c & d until cuff reaches 14" long

Alternating rows of Sc in the back loop and normal Sc makes the ribbing of the cuff.

f. Sl St the ends together to make an actual cuff.

2.  Start on the hand.
a. Sc around the top of the cuff - 36 Sc total around
b. Dc in each Sc around
c. *4 BPDC, 4 FPDC *repeat around (for instructions go here)
d. FPDC in each BPDC and BPDC in each FPDC around
e. Repeat x6 rounds

3.  Make the thumb.
a. Ch 10
b. Skip 8 Dc and attach with a Sl st
c. Sc around the thumb x6 rounds
d. Skip 1st Sc, Sc around the thumb
e. *Skip every 2nd Sc *repeat around the thumb until the thumb is closed
f. Tie off
Thumb is finished!

4.  Continue with the hand
a. Tie onto the corner of thumb and the hand

b. Continue putting FPDC on top of BPDC and vice versa around the hand
c. When you get to the thumb, attatch with a Sl St, turn and repeat x2

d. The thumb will be attached now, continue putting the FPDC on top of the BPDC and vice versa around the hand
e. Repeat step d x10 rounds, adding in 1 stitch each round (I find that this pattern tends to get tighter as you go on, so the added in stitch is pretty necessary)
f. Skip every 2nd Dc around the loop, repeating until the hand is closed in on itself
g. Tie off

5.  Line the Mitts
a. Cut out the shape of your hand in the minky fabric

b. I used a simple running stitch around the lining.  You can use a sewing machine (I just didn't because I didn't have mine with me at the time).

As an aside, I absolutely despise working with minky fabric.  It is slippery and leaves fuzz everywhere; the fuzz is really similar to insulation, which makes for great mitten lining, but is extremely annoying to work with.

My pants, after sewing the lining for these mitts.  I had to have Brett vacuum me after.
c. Now insert the lining into the mitts, fold the tops over to make a nice hem and sew them down.

You're done!
I am happy to answer any questions, so leave them in the comments section.

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