Thursday, 12 December 2013

DIY Christmas Stockings

Since this is our first Christmas in our home there are a lot of decorations that I would like but that we will just have to do without this year.  We will slowly have to pick up pieces throughout the years because to buy all of the decorations that I want all in one go would be way too expensive.  Christmas stockings, however, are something that I wasn't willing to do without; so I decided to make them myself and monogram them.

What you will need for 2 stockings:
1 yard unbleached muslin
1/4 yard each of two different but coordinating fabrics that match your Christmas color scheme
Coordinating embroidery thread (for either machine or hand embroidery of the monogram)
Embroidery hoop (if hand embroidering)
Coordinating thread
20" coordinating ric rac
Ironing board
Sewing machine

1.  Start by drawing and cutting out the stocking shape.

2.  Now cut out the cuff pieces and sew them together.  For the mens stocking, also cut out a 14" piece of ric rac.

For the ladies stocking, now is the time to cut out and hem the ruffle.

3.  Attach the cuff to the front and back of the stocking.

For the mens stocking:

For the womens stocking:

4.  Turn the stocking inside out and sew.

5.  Now turn the right way out and press!

Fewf!  You are done!  Hope you enjoyed making the stockings.  Good thing there isn't a page limit to these posts!

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  1. [ Smiles ] Okay, that sort of thing calls for talent and you've got skills!