Monday, 15 December 2014

Oh Hai!

Long time no talk!  Things got right out of hand for a few days with finals studying, but I think we are slowly getting things back on track (or as on track as things get during the Christmas season).

So you guys, what is the 4-1-1?  What has everybody been up to?  What is the hot gossip?  Tell me everything.  Sorry, couldn't help a Mean Girls quote.  My internet has been very patchy in the city for some reason and I have been watching my Mean Girls DVD a lot.

Anyway...  Things have been going good around here.  I am done two of my three exams, with the third to be written tomorrow.  These will be the last exams of my degree, since we don't write any for our final practicum/work term.  That excludes the NCLEX licensing exam of course... but let's not go there - I don't think I can handle the stress of thinking about that right now.

My new glasses have arrived and I am loving them!  The ones in these lovely awkward car selfies are from Ralph Lauren.  I got a two for the price of one deal, so I have a second pair that I have been wearing a lot as well.  Not that you could tell from most of my photos on this blog, I actually do wear my glasses 99.9% of the time (that 0.01% is when I am in photos when I go blind).  So it is nice to have two pairs of glasses that I feel really good in and might actually start wearing in photos now.

My passport finally came in the mail so we are actually for sure going to Cuba now!  Woohoo!  I never changed my name on it after we got married, since we left for our honeymoon the Monday after our wedding, I was still Aubrey Baron on all my documents.  The passport was the last thing with my maiden name on it.  I actually hadn't thought about that until right now as I am writing this... Now I am feeling sentimental.

Brett has been spending his time shepherding super-b's (the semi's that haul our grain away) in and out of the yard and burning flax straw.  Contrary to popular belief, farmers do still work in the winter.  They just work semi normal hours (8-5 if we are lucky) and usually/sometimes get the weekends off.

That's all for now!  Hope you have a lovely week!  

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