Friday, 19 December 2014

2014 Christmas Favorites

Christmas has snuck up on us again!  Only 6 days left and I am home for good now.  After writing my last exam of the term on the 16th, Brett and I have been a flurry of productivity in moving me home.  I am still trying to get my bearings and realize that I never have to move away from home again.  I am actually at the farm to stay... Nope, still hasn't sunk in.

In the meantime, I am going to do my Christmas favorites for 2014.  To be fair, last year's Christmas favorites post probably includes most of my all time favorites.  My favorite carol is still Oh Holy Night, I still love jewelry, etc.  But in the interest of not writing the same post over again, I will share some other/new favorites this year.

Smell: This one has actually changed from last year.  My mom introduced me to Willow Tree Collections, which is a store in our nearest city of Moose Jaw, SK.  They produce vegetable and soybean candles and wax melts, as well as body products for sensitive skin (they're amazing).  A ton of people are crazy about Sentsy products, but I personally like Willow Tree stuff better.  Plus I love supporting a local company.  In any case, my favorite Christmas smells come in the form of their wax melts - my favorites are Old Fashioned Christmas and Cinnamon Sugar.  Also, Willow Tree ships to both Canada and the U.S.

Tradition: This isn't necessarily a "tradition", but every year Brett and I are lucky enough to see both of our families because the farms are only about 20 minutes apart.  We alternate having a Baron Christmas on Christmas Eve and Tollefson Christmas on Christmas Day (and vice versa).  There are a lot of people I know who have to alternate years of seeing their parents or their spouse's parents, so it isn't lost on me how lucky we are to get to see our parents every Christmas (and really as often as we want throughout the year).

Movie: Yep, The Family Stone still takes this one for sure (again, I recommend lots of kleenex).  But I also love The Holiday (I usually can make it through this one without tears... But not always).

Hymn: I'm really loving Carol of the Bells these days, especially the Mormon Tabernacle Choir version.  It is almost hard for me to believe that there are actual people singing - it seems like they should be angels or something to have voices like that.

Memory: I am thinking back a lot lately to Brett proposing on Christmas Eve with all my family there.  It was so special that he did it on my family's Christmas day.  Definitely a Christmas I will never forget.

Gift: As I have mentioned before (anyone who has had to interact with me over the past month and a bit is for sure sick to death of me talking about this), I am most looking forward to the mukluks that Brett is getting me for Christmas.  I'm sure you will hear more about them, see pictures of them, etc. in weeks to come.

Sight: Christmas trees through peoples windows (does that make me creepy?).  I love driving by people's houses and snooping at what their tree looks like though their window.

Dislikes: Trying to park near the mall basically the entire month of December.  It is pretty much the impossible task.

PS - I wasn't compensated for talking about Willow Tree, I am just a fan of their products who wants to share.  I highly doubt they even know who I am.

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