Friday, 3 April 2015

Pecan Pie Recipe

Are you still looking for a dessert recipe for this weekend?  If so, stop what you are doing and get ready to make this super easy and delicious pecan pie recipe.

In terms of effort, this is by far the most simple and quick pie I have in my repertoire.  Including making the pie crust, this pie took me only 30 minutes to prepare (from start to in the oven).

The recipe card:

Helpful Tips:

1.  If you want this to really be easy, you could just buy a pre-made pie shell (just make sure it is unbaked).  If you want to use my recipe, you can see a recipe and tutorial here.

Yum!  Essentially a big bowl of liquid sugar.
2.  When whisking everything together, I suggest melting the butter in a glass measuring cup, then using that same cup to measure out the corn syrup - it makes the corn syrup much easier to pour out.

 3.  After arranging my pecans on the bottom and pouring in the egg mixture, I gently folded my pie crust so that it was straight up and not folded flush with the curved edge of my pie plate.  You can only do this if you make your own pie crust, but it allows it to shrink down a little nicer when you bake it (this is really for looks only - it will taste the same no matter what).

Edge of the crust is folded from where I trimmed it after putting it in the plate.

Here the edge is unfolded and sticking straight up past the edge of the pie plate.

You are done!  I love that this pie seems fancy (I always get comments on how "fancy" it seems) but it is actually so easy to make.  Enjoy!

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