Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Currently - April 2015 Update

Easter pictures with my mother in law and grandma in law.
Baking: This pecan pie for Easter suppers last week.  Yum!

Drinking: Lots of ice cold sweet tea.  I am officially obsessed, especially with all of the night shifts I've been doing.  There is just enough caffeine to get me over that 3AM slump.

Reading: I've read a few really good books lately.  I finished the first Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon and it was wonderful.  I am now half way through the second, it started a little slower but is really picking up now.  I also just finished The Longest Ride by Nicolas Sparks and cannot say enough good things about it (I'm pretty sure I finished it in about two days).

Wanting: Warm weather!  We had a little shot of warmth last week and just yesterday got snow.  I am ready for sun and warmth and skirts and no more winter jackets! 

Looking: For a dress to wear to our upcoming weddings this summer.

Sewing: Something special for a new addition to the family (more on this in a few weeks).

Enjoying: Being done classes and not having any papers to write.  It has been such a relief to not have any due dates hanging over my head the past couple of weeks.

Wearing: Nothing but scrubs lately.  I've been filling my time with care aid shifts now that clinical is over and I can't work as a nurse yet.  Grey's Anatomy brand scrubs are a particular favorite of mine.  I've even been wearing clean ones to sleep in occasionally.  I think Brett is starting to worry about my ability to dress myself in regular human clothes.

Waiting: To get my marks back so I can work as a grad nurse.  I am so excited to start my career after five long years of school.

Loving: My time at home.  This is my first spring that I haven't been in the city in school and this time spent at home with Brett has been wonderful.  Life finally is feeling like it has a semi-normal (as normal as things get with shift work) rhythm.

Anticipating: Summer weddings!  Only 2.5 months until the first.

Smelling: Fresh air.  Despite the latest cool weather, I have had the windows open at every opportunity to get some of that lovely spring air in the house.

Praying: For a prompt start to seeding and a brief reprieve from precipitation so we can get the seed in the ground in a timely manner.

Feeling: Blessed to have had such lovely time with our families this past weekend for Easter suppers.

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