Monday, 3 November 2014

Things learned over the weekend

We had an overall good Halloween weekend at the farm.  We had remarkably good weather considering it almost always snows on Halloween night here (no snow yet!).  I got a paper written, Brett got more farm work done, and we got some things around the yard accomplished (like putting up our outdoor Christmas lights before that snow shows up).  We even learned some lessons along the way:

1.  Before being annoyed for two years about your house not having an outdoor porch light, you should look a little closer at the ceiling.  As it turns out, we do have a light and all it needed was a new bulb.  #rookiemistake

2.  There is a reason why many people do not go all out on Christmas lights... Which leads me to numbers 3 and 4.

3.  When your husband accidentally drops a glass Christmas light bulb from the top of the ladder, it might shatter on the ground so explosively that you get shrapnel in the face.  I have never been more thankful for glasses.

4.  Even though you can lean a ladder against a spruce tree to try get lights to the top, does not mean that you should lean a ladder against a spruce tree to get lights all the way to the top.  Exhibit A:

This picture does not capture the stupidity of what we were doing nearly enough.

5.  Putting up Christmas light can go one of two ways:
     Option 1 - your marriage may almost break up because you waited to late to put up the lights, it is freezing cold and snowing and all of your new lights aren't working (yes this was us last year - obviously I am kidding about the breaking up part, but there was a lot of rage happening).
     Option 2 - practice makes perfect... You start earlier in the year when the weather is still good, you've checked all the lights before hand and know they work and your husband is being so hilarious that you almost pee in your pants laughing (thank goodness this was us this year).
     Option 3 - never take your Christmas lights down (this might be us next year)... Because even if you can have fun with it, putting up lights is still a bad job.

Have a lovely Monday!!


  1. Hahahah! So true honey. Dad and I are still waiting until it gets good and cold!!!

    1. Farmers were never known for doing things the easy way!!