Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Christmas Shopping Tips + Free Printable

Hello there!  The middle of November is officially here and so is my Christmas mood.  I like to try get my holiday shopping done before December if at all possible.  I do this for a couple of reasons.  I like to get to the mall before things are too picked over and I am not a fan of huge mall crowds.  Also, I like to have Brett come with me, so to avoid a full on husband pout I find it is best to go when things are as slow as possible.

We have learned a lot during our joint shopping trips over the years.  Lesson number one is always go in with a plan.  There is nothing more frustrating for me than getting to the mall to Christmas shop, but not really having a set direction or knowing exactly what I am buying each person on my list.  I find if I don't pre-plan these things I also end up spending way more money than I wanted to.  I also like to map out what stores I need to go to and find the most efficient way to go from one area of the city to another (the less city driving for us farm folk the better).  Along with your plan, I find it best to have a well organized list.  I made up this free printable:

To get this print, click on the image.  It should open up larger in its own window type thing.  Next, right click on the enlarged image and save to your computer.  From there you can go to your photo viewer and print (make sure you choose the right size of paper, 8.5x11).

Lesson number two that we have learned is to either eat before you go, or plan a set meal time.  Brett and I do all our shopping in one afternoon or evening, and it is easy to forget lunch or supper time when you are really into it.  But the best way to have a pouty husband on your hands is to not feed him, so trust me when I say build in a meal time.

Do you like to do your shopping ahead of time?  Or are you one of those people who like the bustle of the mall?

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