Friday, 21 November 2014

Oh Hey Friday - Friday Favorites

Hey there!  How was your week??  Hope it was awesome.  I am so excited for this weekend for two reasons, (1) Brett is coming to visit me and (2) we are Christmas shopping!  So, I want to start the weekend off right with a few good reads I found on the blog Nurse Loves Farmer (as you can tell by her blog name, she is a nurse and a farmer's wife).  When I first heard about Sarah's blog I was all "I'm a farmer's wife, I'm a baby nurse [aka nursing student], this blog and I were meant for each other!"  Then I found out that her family farms in Alberta (our neighbouring province).  I was a match made in blog heaven is what I am saying.  That being said, she doesn't actually know who I am...  But it doesn't stop me from loving her posts.  So for this Oh Hey Friday, lets take a look at my favourite posts from the Nurse Loves Farmer blog.  As usual I am linking up with The Farmer's Wife and September FARM - click on those links to check out more of the Oh Hey Friday link up. 

1.  If I Were a Food Activist.

2.  Coventional and Organic Agriculture Myths.  The title of this one is pretty self-explanatory.  I like that she is real about there not being a set right or wrong choice in this battle, but just because you choose organic doesn't mean that you get to slander people who choose conventional.

3.  Farming Requires Faith Like a Mustard Seed.  Lots of truth in this post.  I love this quote from the post: "We try to control what we can control, but you have to do your best with what God and nature throw at you."

4.  The Truth About Glyphosate and Wheat.  I read this post right after I read an article from a different source titled "The Real Reason Why Wheat is Toxic" (which I won't link here because I refuse to spread propaganda and falsehoods on this blog).  It is a good reminder to think about where you are getting your information from.  Also, glyphosate is more commonly known as Roundup - if you were curious.

5.  The Skinny on Modern Wheat.

Hope you can enjoy a few of those reads this weekend!  See ya on Monday!


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    1. Awesome Rachel! She is such a good writer.

  2. Thanks for the trackbacks, Aubrey! Nice to meet you, wonderful blog you have here!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! Nice to meet you as well, it is always nice to support a fellow blogger!