Friday, 5 September 2014

Oh Hey Friday // Need Something to Read?

Happy Friday!  It is going to be an awesome day because I get to go back home to the country to see my farmer.  Linking up today (as usual) with The Farmer's Wife and September FARM.  Today I've got five other awesome blogs for you to check out.  These are five (other than The Farmer's Wife and September FARM) that I can't get enough of.  These bloggers have not clue who I am - so this isn't an advertising post - they're just some of my favorite reads/resources.

1.  The Small Things Blog.  I have mentioned this blog before in a few posts.  I seriously love reading Kate's writing and watching her videos.  She is an amazing resource for hair and makeup tutorials, and also just seems like an overall awesome person.  It is hard to pick a favorite post from Kate, but you should absolutely check out her hair tutorials (from curling to straightening to updos, this girl can teach me how to do anything).

2.  Essie Button.  Essie Button is a major online makeup guru.  Funny enough, I actually heard about Essie Button from The Small Things Blog.  She has great makeup and skincare posts.  Her monthly product favorites posts are my favorite (like this one).

3.  Elm Street Life.  This was my very first blog I started reading, so it holds a special place in my heart.  I found her via this bow clutch sewing tutorial on Pinterest (obviously).  I find Whitney's writing so inspiring and always leave her site feeling happy.

4.  Two Twenty One.  I recently discovered this blog and it is awesome for organizing projects - like this under the kitchen sink organization post.  Also, she just had an adorable baby, so there are lots of posts about that (which I love).

5.  Un-Fancy.  This has been another new discovery thanks to The Small Things Blog.  This blog has a lot of writing on the capsule wardrobe concept, which is what I am trying to use for my new cleaned out wardrobe (I am hoping to post on this, but am still trying to get it fine tuned).

I hope you can enjoy some of these reads this weekend, and that you have a relaxing weekend!  I hope that my own weekend will be less relaxing and that we will be able to get through some harvest that has been stalled because of rain.  Catch ya Monday!


  1. Hi from the link up! What a great list, I will have to check these out! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Bailley! I hope you enjoy them and also have an awesome weekend!