Friday, 25 July 2014

Oh Hey Friday - My Very First Link Up

Hey!  Hope your week was a good one.  Today I am participating in my very first "link up".  The idea behind Link ups are to "link up" bloggers with each other using one button (see below) and a common topic.  If you are a blogger and want to participate, follow the link back to the hosts at September Farm and The Farmer's Wife to get the button to publish on your page.  The basic idea is to make a list of five things (anything goes).

I have had some serious shopping on the brain this past week, so this is going to be a list of my favorite summer outfit pieces.

1.  This jersey knit skirt from The GAP.  I bought this skirt over the past weekend.  Mine is a solid color (I bought it in both grey and black), but for some reason the clothes that were in my local store and online were slightly different.  In any case, this is the most comfortable skirt (probably most comfortable thing) I own.  It wouldn't have been something that I would have tried on if I didn't see Brett's cousin wearing one (she was the one who directed me to it).  It looks really nice, and is so comfy and cool.

2.  This top, also from The GAP.  I got two of these tops to match the above skirts.  Generally I wouldn't wear a 3/4 length sleeve, boat neck top in summer (especially with the hot and humid weather we've been getting lately).  But these are nice and light and super breathable.

3.  I mentioned this top from Le Chateau a while ago.  It is really light, but it keeps the sun off of my shoulders if I am going to be outside on a hot day (this fair skin needs all the sun protection it can get).

4.  Mom and Dad brought me these earrings back from a trip they recently took to Wyoming.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I love the colors, and that they aren't too heavy.  Also, I don't know how I have survived for this long without prescription sunglasses.

5.  These Heartsoul Scrub pants.  If you are in a profession where you need to wear scrubs, you need to track these pants down.  These are probably the only thing that could challenge the skirt from above for most comfortable piece of clothing ever.

Do you have any favorite summer pieces?  I'd love to hear about them in the comments.  Have a lovely weekend!

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