Friday, 4 July 2014

DIY Towel Wrap Tutorial

Hi there!  If you are reading this from Canada, I hope you had a great July 1st.  If you are reading this from the U.S. then I hope you are enjoying your July 4th celebrations.  Are you looking for a DIY project for the weekend?

I saw these towel wraps at Target one day while wandering through.  I figured they would be nice to get ready in (rather than getting ready in my bathrobe, which I usually end up over heating in).  As I am always on the hunt for a great DIY, I picked up a couple of nice towels and decided that I would try to make my own.  This would be a great gift to add to a spa package or something to make to take along to the beach, now that it is finally nice out.  I like making my own because it is not only cheaper, but you can also personalize it to the size you want and to match your bathing suit.  At the same time as I made mine, I also whipped up a toddler size one for my cousin's little girl.  Both tutorials are below (and are basically the same except I added straps to the toddler one).

What you will need:

1.   (a) large bath towel ~ for the women's size
      (b) hand towel ~ for the toddler size
I used these towels from Target, but I would suggest you consider using something that has a tighter weave.  I love the plush texture of these, but they weren't the easiest to sew.  I found that the loops caught in my machine sometimes, which was a little annoying.  But if you think that won't bother you, then these would be a good choice.
2.   Pins
3.   Ribbon (for the toddler size only)
4.   1" wide Velcro
5.   (a) 1" wide elastic
length should equal measurement taken just above bust (IE where you want the towel to sit) minus 6" 
for instance, around my bust is 30" so my elastic was 24" long
      (b) 1" wide elastic using the same above formula to determine length
6.   Ruler (or tape measure)
7.   Scissors

Step 1(a) - for the women's size

Step 1(b) - for the toddler's size

Step 2

Step 3
The below picture is of the toddler size, but the adult size works the exact same.  It is easiest to pin these while it is on your body so you know how tight to make it.

You're done!!  Enjoy wrapping up in this cozy cover up.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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