Friday, 1 August 2014


Sorry for the radio silence on the blog this week.  Summer is great for a lot of things, but it sadly is not great for my blogging getting done!

To catch everyone up on life around here, I am...

Making: lots of tea (peach and vanilla chai are my latest obsessions and are getting me through all my night shifts).
Cooking: as many things in my slow cooker as possible thanks to the hot July temperatures around here (like this delish soup).
Drinking: tea, tea and more tea, as well as as much water as possible.
ReadingModern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe - all the bloggers are so into hand lettering these days, I figured I would give it a try.  Surprise surprise, I love it.
Wanting: to be done my fourth year of nursing school already... yikes, and it hasn't even started.
Looking: at our beautiful Saskatchewan sunset... I love this country.
Playing: with George and his favorite stuffed mice.
Sewing: this quilt for our bed (our duvet is too hot for the summer heat we are discovering)
It is only half done here, but I am making a lot of progress.
Enjoying: all the time with my hubby I can get.
Wearing: my big sun hat (in the picture above) - my fair skin needs all the sun protection it can get.
Waiting: impatiently for everything (something that I need to work on...)
Loving: life... and peach tea.
Anticipating: harvest... am I crazy or am I crazy?  I love it for the first few weeks, after that it's game over.
Smelling: summer country nights.
Praying: for good weather to nourish our crops.
Feeling: thankful for all of my blessings.

How was your week?  Hope it was great!

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