Saturday, 24 May 2014

What to Register for, For Your Wedding

Putting together your wedding registry can be a daunting task.  When Brett and I were first getting started with ours, I was so excited.  The whole thing seemed like it would be sooo much fun.  I tell you what though, after about two hours in the china department trying to pick out our pattern, the truth became known.  Registering for gifts was a lot of work - especially without a lot of guidance.

I really suggest you talk through the registry once or twice with your significant other before heading to the stores.  Look through online shops to get an idea of what styles of things you are looking for.  Brett and I didn't really realise our major differences in home styling opinions until we got into The Bay... Let's just say that this really didn't add to the experience.

Also, try to pick items from a lot of different price points.  Some people may be coming in from a long way and they may not want to spend $200 on top of their flight and hotel room costs for a wedding gift - so pick some things that you love that won't cost someone an arm and a leg.

I used a registry checklist from The Knot.  It was extremely comprehensive - almost to the point of being over the top.  I decided to put together this list after having lived with my wedding gifts - I feel like I have a way better idea now than I did before we were married of the things that you actually need to set up a house. I am hoping that this post will be able to help you make your registry process a lot easier.

I have had the worst time getting this formatted to picture form.  Microsoft does not have a good way to take a large document and change it into a picture.  So I apologise for its poor quality.

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  1. This was a great list of what to register for, for a wedding. This list brought out a bunch of things that I never would have thought of that would be awesome to have. My fiance and I are planning on going to register for gifts in a couple days and so I came across this list at the perfect timing. Do you have any other advice about planning a wedding or anything that has to do with that?