Thursday, 1 May 2014

Book Review: Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner

I mentioned this book in my Mother's Day Gift Ideas post, so I figured I should do a full book review on it.  I would like to start off this post by saying that me reading this book is a little like me looking at wedding boards on Pinterest before I was engaged.  But, that being said, I absolutely loved this book - even though I am not yet a mom.  So that has got to say something good about Jennifer Weiner's writing skills.  Little Earthquakes follows four new moms as they discover motherhood.  Becky is a feisty chef married to a doctor and dealing with her new baby and a difficult mother-in-law.  Ayinde is trying to balance being in the public eye and raising her son.  Kelly is a perky new mom learning to deal with some set backs she didn't anticipate.  And Lia is struggling with just about the worst thing a mom could imagine.  This book immediately drew me in and I pretty much couldn't put it down the whole time that I was reading it.  And I have reread it about 3 more times.  This is a great read that doesn't require you to put a lot of effort into understanding the plot line or trying to make sense of any symbolism - it is definitely my kind of book.  I found that Little Earthquakes really got you invested in the characters and their stories.  You are rooting for them to succeed.  This book can speak to women readers of all ages (my mother-in-law read it too and liked it) and I definitely suggest buying this book if you like a light, heartwarming read.  It will be great for the upcoming summer months - think sitting on the deck/beach in the sun with a cool drink, a great book and your feet up (sounds about perfect to me!).

Hope you're having a lovely week!!

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