Sunday, 24 November 2013

DIY Christmas Wreath

I will admit it, I am obsessed with Christmas.  It is our first holiday in our very own house and I am so excited!   Anyway, I am slowly working through my project list of Christmas crafts.  Here is the latest:

What you will need:
Foam wreath form (I used an 18" form to fit our standard size door, but feel free to go bigger)
4 silk flower stems
Roll of burlap fabric (I used 4" wide burlap to get god cover over the foam)
Color Coordinated Ribbon (wired or unwired will work)
Your initial
Florist Wire

1.  Gather your supplies

2.  Wrap the wreath form with the burlap.

3.  Attach your initial

4.  Tie on long decorative burlap and ribbon tails.

5.  Prepare your flowers and leaves

6.  Attach flowers and leaves to the wreath using floral wire

You're done!  

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