Wednesday, 21 January 2015

We did actually make it back from Cuba...

Not that you would know it from my activity around these parts.  We got back from Cuba and I hit the ground running with final practicum.  To say things have been busy would be an understatement.

Our trip was amazing.  This was my first tropical vacation ever, and Brett's first time in Cuba as well.  We had so much fun, and Cuba is such a cool country.  We stayed at Iberostar Playa Alameda in Varadero.  The resort was great and we found the food to be really good (especially the croissants and breakfast... I ate them every single day).  We really don't have any complaints.  But a picture does say a thousand words, so here are some pics!

We left on a frigid morning with temps below 30 degrees Celsius... But you still can't beat a Saskatchewan sunrise.

Some serious humidity hit us when we landed at Varadero airport!

Thank goodness for air conditioned buses!

The central check in area.

Main courtyard - also, this was where you can find the best sangria I have ever tasted.

The pool water was unbelievably clean.

My first ever real swim in the ocean.  It was amazing!

On our way to tour the city of Matanzas.



Matanzas town square


Brett and I on our tour of Varadero, which included visiting some seaside mansions that are now restaurants.  The most beautiful water I have ever seen.

Have you gone on any winter holidays this year?  Or are you planning any?  I would love to hear about where you are going!

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