Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Hair and a Bridal Shower!

My Friday morning started off in one of the best ways possible - at the hair salon.  I finally feel like I have a style again, rather than a really over-grown mop on my head.  My inspiration was Emily Maynard's hair in the below photo (sorry for the crappy photo quality):

No matter what you think of Emily from the Bachelor/Bachelorette, it is impossible to deny that the girl has style.  She always looks so classy!  I think my stylist did a pretty good job replicating the look (despite my rounder face and different hair color).

Next up for the day was doing a little baking for the hubby and getting ready for a bridal shower!  My favorite look for a bridal shower is classy and feminine.  I have loved the sheer blouses that are in style lately, but it took me a while to find one that fit my shape properly.  This top from Le Chateau was about perfect - also love the minty green.

When I bought the blouse the sales lady brought me these pants just to try so I could see how the blouse would look with slim pants and I ended up falling in love with them.  They're probably one of the better purchases I've made - they are dress pants but feel like yoga pants because they are so stretchy.

My gift wrapping skillz:

This weekend is providing some much needed relaxation after a wild week of clinical.  Only five shifts left until summer break!  Woohoo!

I hope you are having as good a weekend as I am!

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