Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Humble Beginning: My First Date with Brett

After a couple of days of getting to know one another via text message, Brett finally asked me out.  I was so excited to put a face and an actual person behind the texts.  We decided to meet at a Tim Hortons (a Canadian coffe/doughnut shop) on our university campus.  We both had class that day, but I got there a few minutes before he did.  As I awkwardly stood around waiting for this person who I wasn't sure would even show up, my mind was racing.  I couldn't believe that I was actually going out on what was really a blind date.  When Brett arrived and we got seated with our drinks we started to really get to know each other.  This conversation was mostly held up by Brett - what can I say, he has a gift for being able to carry a conversation with almost anyone.  I was so nervous that I was saying very little; in my mind all I could think was "don't say something stupid, don't say something stupid...".

I didn't hear anything from Brett for the rest of that day after we left Tim Hortons.  I wondered if I ever actually would again; my conversation with him left me feeling so young.  He was in his fourth year and it seemed like he totally had is life together, whereas I was in first year just trying not to fail chemistry.  But the next morning, when I was in my chemistry class (I am realizing that maybe if I had texted less and paid attention more in chemistry I wouldn't have had to try so hard not to fail...)  I got a message from him saying "Hi Aubrey, I had a really good time yesterday.  How is your morning going?".  I was thrilled.  It didn't take him long to ask me out on a "real date" to a movie.

Brett and I on our first date - going out to a movie.  Note that I am wearing a strapless shirt in this picture...  There is indeed a shirt there.

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